How we build 

Saltoun has been a proud partner of Campminder, the leading
business management software provider to summer camps, since 2020

We are CEOs and executives using our own money and time to build a few great companies.

We are not your typical investor


People first

Great people build great companies. We have successfully invested in founders who wish to take their businesses to new heights and have hand selected executives to join a team where an owner wishes to step back or retire altogether. In all cases, our company leaders invest their own money in the companies they run, have values alignment with Saltoun, and embrace the deep partnership approach our firm brings to developing our leadership teams.


Operational excellence

Having built dozens of companies, we have developed the Saltoun Library which consists of best practices, playbooks, and templates that drastically accelerate the pace of professionalization and growth. We are also continuously investing in the development of our teams through continuing education programs, tactical support sessions, and targeted engagement with thought leaders.


The Saltoun Leadership Network (SLN)

Hundreds of entrepreneurs running hundreds of businesses across every sector.  We have devoted our careers to small and medium businesses and their leaders. We have developed a network of professionals and service providers who build and support entrepreneurial companies. We connect our management teams with these professionals to share experiences and grow together.


Full engagement

Coupled with the Saltoun Library, our investment professionals engage to become an extension of our management teams through leadership coaching, special projects, strategic M&A and sourcing, and ensuring our companies get maximum leverage from the extensive Saltoun Leadership Network.

“At every step of our relationship, from our first meeting to a call we had last week, I have been a valued partner in a shared endeavor. For the first time in my business career, I feel that my blind side is covered and the people around me, depend on me, support me, and are working to help me become the best professional I can be.”
Jeff Pennell, CEO
Saltoun Partner Since 2019