How we invest

Saltoun’s investment strategy is grounded in supporting a few great companies on their journeys to amazing. We devote all our efforts to a small number of themes. We believe that a highly concentrated approach with extreme focus will maximize our impact and the outcomes for our portfolio of investments.

How we invest — Saltoun

We are building Software and Franchise companies. In addition, we support entrepreneurship through our investments in ETA / Search Funds and their acquired companies.

Investment themes

Theme 01


  • Brand leader in a sizable, stable category ($1bn+ market)
  • High revenue visibility business model
  • Recession resilient (consistent performance through several cycles)
  • Visible path to building at least $50mm in revenue via strategic M&A and/or new developments
Theme 02

Vertical market software

  • Leader in a niche vertical market
  • ARR of at least $1.5mm (less if complementary to an existing investment)
  • Business management software with integrations and/or deep feature sets
  • Annual churn of less than 5%
Theme 03

ETA / Search funds

  • Passion for ETA
  • Demonstrated professional success
  • MBA from a top business school
  • Alignment of values

Our investment process

We are deeply rooted in our investment themes which allows us to make decisions quickly. Once we are introduced to an investment opportunity, we are committed to responding thoughtfully within 48 hours so as not to waste your time, nor ours. If we are interested in proceeding with an investment, we will provide a detailed offer that we intend to close. Given our focus and the fact that we are investing our own capital, we can often close an investment transaction within 45 days, sometimes faster. During our process, we are committed to strict confidentiality, honest and transparent communication, and we will make every effort to deliver on the expectations we set; values we maintain in all that we do.

Experienced operators

We are ready to support a seamless and satisfying ownership transition


As owners who have sold our own business, we appreciate the need for quick feedback and timeliness in any deal process

Certainty of close

Investing our own capital ensures we can move quickly to close once we know that an opportunity is a fit


How we build better

We are not your typical investor